We provide comprehensive consulting services from leadership development and executive coaching, to process improvement and re-engineering, to support and facilitation of front line team projects. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, we can help.  We have core lines of service tailored to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes, complexity, and maturity:

Strategy Development and Implementation
To get to tomorrow, you are going to have to look ahead. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan that focuses your company on its goals and the key activities that will help you achieve them.  You'll need to start with the vision, the dream, but you can't stop there.  We'll help you go from your greatest aspirations to a real strategy, link it to clearly defined and measured projects, and actionable, detailed plans of action.

Operational Excellence and Process Improvement
It's not enough to just do the work. You need to provide quality, you need to do it fast, and you need to keep costs down. We can help you define your work and identify improvement opportunities to ensure you get it all done and satisfy your customers every time.  Lean, Six Sigma, Benchmarking, Agile, Project Management, and Reengineering are not industry buzzwords.  They are the standard tools of the trade in high performance industry.  we'll help you fit the right combination of tools and techniques to your organization, at the right time.

Measurement and Analytics
If you don't know how you are performing in key areas, you are essentially flying your company blind.  We'll help you put a dashboad up that will quickly and easily allow you to determine your organizations overall health.  Data is the foundation of every business decision, but you'll need information.  we'll help you design and implement systems that will define and drive your performance.  Then we'll help use every high powered analytic and data science tool at our disposal to propel you to the next level ahead of your competition.

"We knew that if we were to compete effectively, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company."

- K Kerlan, Thorson Ltd.

Performance Excellence Consulting